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I started Eco-Electric co. because I thought there were a lot of misconceptions about being green.


The sun is our greatest source of energy; it is unlimited and environmentally friendly. the sun provides more energy to the earth in one hour than all people use in an entire year.Solar energy is renewable and free. Wind energy is less predictable but is also renewable and free. The cost of installing solar power has dropped dramatically in the last few years, and the efficiency has increased. 

We do not use generic solar calculators to tell you how what you need for solar panels. We use calculations based on the actual locction of your building, the direction of the roof line, and the pitch of the roof. To see if solar or wind may be right for you give us a call and we will come to your site and give you a cost free, obligation free quote. And we will explain it all to you.


We use only the highest quality equipment, backed by the best warranties in the business.

Sask Power as well has a 20% rebate program that we can help you access. We use the highest efficiency solar panels available any where (guaranteed), and all of our equipment is backed by the best and most secure warranties in the business.
















I attended seminars and focus groups put on by the U of S that included the likes of Sask Power, on being green and renewable energy. One of the biggest things we realized is people have a real lack of understanding of what it means to be green when it comes to energy. And I have to say at that time it included me.

If you are thinking of solar please refer to my
(myth busting section). We are your true green energy contractor.


Notice: We will put a solar energy meter as well we can install a Mobile App on your phone to tell you exactly how much energy you are saving all year round, if it doesn't meet the promised rate we will pay you back the difference on your install.


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