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Eco Electric was founded to help people understand what being green and eco-friendly really means when it comes to energy.

There are currently many people to still think that going green only means making use of solar power. While solar power does reduce power bills and is carbon footprint-friendly, many people still don’t realize that the first step towards going green is using less power. This means using energy efficient LED lights. Also installing  a system that helps you control the switches in your house, so that you can ensure that they are switched off when not in use. 

This is what Eco Electric strives to achieve. We put you in complete control of your power consumption conveniently from your smartphone or tablet with the help of our state-of-the-art smart home systems. If you want to learn more about solar power, then please refer to our ‘Myth Busters’ section where we help resolve a lot of misconceptions behind solar energy and also share some interesting facts behind the renewable energy sector.

If you are thinking of solar please refer to my
(myth busting section). We are your true green energy contractor.

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